Critical Illness Cover

What Does Critical Illness Cover Give you and your family?

Critical Illness cover gives you a lump sum payment on the diagnosis of a critical and life threatening illness. This provides a financial safety net:

  1. Giving you full or partial clearance of your mortgage and remove the stress of repayments at a time when your income is reduced
  2. Giving you Income Protection in a lump sum on diagnosis of life threatening illness
  3. Giving you an addition to your Life insurance Protection it will pay an advance payment of all or part of that important financial protection.
When does it pay out? 

A claim is payable once your insurer has agreed that the illness you are claiming for is covered under the normal medical definitions in your policy with the company. You must also survive 14 days after diagnosis of your illness.

What's Covered? More than just Cancer

This protection cover illnesses such as Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke and Heart by-Pass. You can get cover for up to 30 illness including Permanent Total Disability. Get a Free Quote

Who Claims for Critical Illness Cover in Ireland?

Every one Claims who has had the prudence to have this cover. The average age for claiming in Ireland is:

Men: Aged 43  Women aged 39

Most Illnesses Claimed for:  (1) Cancer  42% of all claims  (2) Heart attack 36% of all claims

Every one who has a family, mortgage or any sort of debt outstanding should have this cover! Get a Free Quote


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