Mortgage Protection Cover

 What is Mortgage Protection Cover?

1.   Mortgage Protection (Standard)

Mortgage protection is a Life Assurance policy required by a lender as security when taking a mortgage. It is compuslory to have this cover if you are under 50 and is reqeuired by all lenders as part of their terms and conditions.  It is available in the following forms from insurers operating in Ireland today.  Payment of this Life Assurance protection applies presumes that the interest rate is not above 6% at the time of death.

2.    Mortgage Pprotection Standard Plus

This policy gurantees full repayment, of outstanding mortgage loan balance, irrespective of interest rates at time of death.  

3.    Mortgage Protection Switcher 

This policy is different to 1 and 2 above, because it repays the full loan balance at any time during the term of the mortgage.

As well as this, it also has a built in health protection, which allows you to take this policy to a new mortgage, of the same amount, regardless of health status.   

4.    Additional critical illness protection for a mortgage;

This is  an additional cover you can add to any of the above, which will clear your mortgage on diagnosis of a critical illness.

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